Forestry Job Profile: Wildfire Technologist

Ann Normand | April 3, 2014

“Forest Fire Fighter” is a job that often comes to mind when people try to think of forestry careers, but…

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Your Career: Shoot for the Stars

Ann Normand | March 13, 2014

Last month, I had the honour of meeting Commander Chris Hadfield. I was at a conference in Grande Prairie—Growing the…

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Forestry Job Profile: Sales

Ann Normand | February 14, 2014

When I talk to students about forestry careers, I usually start out by asking them, “What kinds of jobs come…

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Alberta Junior Forest Rangers: A Wild Summer Job

Ann Normand | January 9, 2014

Although summer seems very far away right now, it’s a great time to start looking into summer employment. A lot…

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Work Wild is a campaign that reaches out to youth who are about to make one of the most important choices in their lives — their career. We’re here to educate you on the diversity of employment choices in forestry and open some eyes to the amazing benefits of working in this sustainable industry.

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