I bet you will never guess what type of professional will be in the most demand over the next few years. Would you believe it’s class 1 truck drivers? Once seen as kind of an “unskilled” and “uneducated” career path, some of the richest people in the province in ten years could very likely be truck drivers. What are the benefits of driving a truck? I think it comes down to choice, but we’ll discuss.


Check out that sweet video. Being a truck driver might be the only opportunity you’ll ever get to legitimately choose your own nickname. Although there is a rubber duck in my bath tub, I don’t think that would be my choice. Pig Pen is pretty sweet, especially if hauling hogs. Not only that, but he is by far the best Charlie Brown character with the only real competition being Snoopy and that piano playing guy. He kills it on that baby, baby grand. I wish Lucy would leave him alone and let him work his musical magic. My name has never been one to work with nicknames too well even though Cam rhymes with everything. I have always wanted a sweet nickname like Sparky.


Driving is great. For me it’s a pretty stress free venture, which is good because I do a lot of it. Your only job is basically to not crash and to show up places on time. I’ma huge Oilers fan. Probably one of the biggest fans you’ll ever see. I probably know more about Lennart Petrell than his family does. Why? I listen to sports radio all the time when I’m driving. I could spit out more Oilers stats than whoever the “stats guy” for the team is right now. The next step is calling into the radio while driving. If you hear a call from “Sparky on the road” to discuss how Hemsky is worth $5M, just not here, that’s me. Sidenote: if you’re not getting a 1st round pick and a prospect on Monday, I’m signing him for $5M and trading him in the future if you run into cap problems. He’s not going to get any worse than he is this year. I can’t wait until I’m running this team. I also get to listen to a ton of podcasts. My latest favorite is RadioLab. They do lots of fun sciency interviews. Driving all day, with set shift hours (like you would get driving a log truck) would be great with all the radio stations, satellite radio, e-books, podcasts and other truckers on the radio entertaining you.

THE 1%
There’s been a lot of talk lately about 1% of the population controlling 99% of the wealth. You know how you get into the 1%? It’s not by towing the line and working for the same company forever. You need to start your own business, work hard, and get really luck. Except if you own your very own truck, most of the “luck” will be created for you. There’s so much opportunity in Alberta if you own a truck that it would be hard not to make money in the near future. If you own a truck you can also choose what jobs to take, and when to work which is really what everybody wants. Choice.

I’m sure there’s lots of other benefits to driving a truck. Feel free to discuss. You could also have a positive influence on the environment by making sure your truck is as environmentally friendly as possible (gas mileage, new trucks, maintenance, etc.) or just by not driving like this. I think it was in Russia. Man am I glad we live in Canada and our streams are not treated like this. Does that guy putting his 200 pound frame on the front of the truck really think he’s going to make a difference?

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