The jury’s votes are in! Last night the Prairie Wood Design Award winners were officially announced at a spectacular gala at the Chateau Lacombe in Edmonton.

Winners each took home an award which, very aptly, was made from wood! The trophy was a collaboration between designer Lawrence Lwok and the Red Deer College: Centre for Research Innovation. It was modeled using CAD modeling, rapid prototyping, and digital fabrication methods.

All winners also were presented with a limited edition commissioned piece of art from Jason Blower to celebrate the event’s 10-year anniversary. This piece of art profiled all the winning projects across a prairie landscape.

Below are the winning projects from each category:

Category: Recreational Award Winner

Building: Elevation Place

Location: Canmore, Alberta

Designer: Gibbs Gage Architects 

Photography: Gibbs Gage Architects


Category: Recreational Award Winner

Building: Remington YMCA

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Designer: GEC Architecture

Photography: dsTroyer Photography


Category: Commercial and Wood Advocate Award Winner

Building: RAW:almond Pop Up Restaurant

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Designer: Joe Kalturnyk, Chad Connery, Jon Reid

Photography: Lindsay Reid


Category: Commercial and Wood Advocate Award Winner

Building: RAW:Gimli Pop Up Restaurant

Location: Gimli, Manitoba

Designer: Joe Kalturnyk, Chad Connery, Jon Reid

Photography: Lindsay Reid, Simeon Rusnak


Category: Residential and AFPA Award Winner

Building: North Glenora Net Zero Townhouses and Westmount Presbyterian Church

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Designer: Temotfychuk Gerbitz Architects Ltd.

Photography: Habitat Studio Ltd.


Category: Interior Wood Design Showcase Award Winner

Building: Maples Chiropractic Clinic

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Designer: 5468796 Architecture

Photography: 5468796 Architecture


Category: Institutional Award Winner

Building: Technology and Trades Renewal and Innovation Project, Lethbridge College

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta

Designer: Diamond Schmitt Architects

Photography: Tom Arban Photography Inc.


Category: Jury’s Choice Award Winner

Building: South Bow Plaza

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Designer: Sturgess Architecture

Photography: Lemermeyer Photography Inc.

Congratulations to all nominated and winning projects for 2018!

The Work Wild team struggled to pick just one favourite from each category as every project this year had something special. We look forward to seeing more amazing pieces for the next Praire Wood Design Awards.

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