A brand new video was released yesterday as part of the Alberta Forest Products Association #Foresters campaign. This video campaign was created to inform the public about the specialized knowledge that professional foresters have and the importance of sustainability in their work. If you missed the first three videos of the campaign, check them out in our latest blog posts.

This week Matt Denney, a strategic planning forester with Spray Lake Sawmills, talks about the importance of having a plan when conducting forest operations. His responsibility is to create a plan that looks at long-term sustainability, including when and where forest operations will take place and what they will look like on the landscape. 

These plans map out how the forest will look and function up to 200 years in the future. As Matt points out, decisions must be made surrounding wildlife habitat and areas set aside for recreation and other land uses.

Forest plans are constantly evolving. Adjustments take into account forest fires, insect or disease outbreaks, and changes in climate. Additionally, new technology enables better planning, giving foresters another reason to update their plans.

The ability to write these plans while conducting scientific surveys and long-term monitoring projects requires a breadth of experience and professional training. Matt attended the University of Alberta‘s forest management program before registering with the Association of Alberta Forest Management Professionals.

Watching forest managers talk about their work makes it apparent how specialized their knowledge of the forest is. There is more to come in the campaign; be sure to follow the Alberta Forest Products Association on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss out!

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