The Alberta Forest Products Association has released another video in their #Foresters campaign. Four previous videos have been released. If you missed them be sure to take a look at our previous blog posts.

Annette Bugnet is featured in this week’s video. She explains the importance of education for forest management professionals. As a recent graduate of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) forest technology program, Annette knows first hand that forestry programs set students up to enter the workforce.

Students are taught about the scientific, social, and economic considerations, needed to successfully manage a forest. Students are also given hands-on experience in the field, where they use the tools and technology that they will need when starting work after graduation. It is clear from how Annette speaks about the instructors for NAIT’s forest technology program that they are committed to their students’ success. They want to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of forest technologists.

Annette reflects on how each of her classmates entered the forestry program because they have a deep love and respect for the forest. As Annette mentions, it is a challenging program. For forestry graduates, the payoff comes in knowing that they have the skills and knowledge to sustainably manage the forest while ensuring future generations will be able to enjoy the great outdoors. It won’t be long before recent grads like Annette will be the ones passing their knowledge of the forest down to the next generation.

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  1. Rotimi Daniels

    this is very interesting, please i have my first degree in forestry but outside of Canada, does anyone know where exactly to start building my career here in Canada?

  2. Emma Kniel

    Hi Rotimi,
    It will certainly be helpful to have your degree in forestry when staring your career in Canada. Most provinces in Canada have a regulatory board that you will need to register with. Here in Alberta, you would need to work within the Association of Alberta Forest Management Professionals (AAFMP). You can find more information about the association and how to register on their website.
    If you are looking for work in Alberta you can visit our job board to see current work opportunities. The Canadian Forests website also has a job board which is a great resource if you are looking for work in other provinces.
    Please let us know if you have any other questions we can help you with!

  3. Arnel Cocoy

    Hi, I am from the Philippines and I woul like to inquire mire details about forestry education. I would like to have a further study in forestry which would later on give me an edge in applying for a job. I am a licensed Agriculture specialize in Crop Science.

  4. Emma Kniel

    Hi Arnel,

    Here in Alberta, there are two accredited forestry programs that you could consider attending.

    There is a four-year bachelor of science program (major in forest management) from the University of Alberta. The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology has a two-year forest technology program. You can find more information about the programs and admission requirements on their websites. Both of these programs will allow you to register with the Association of Alberta Forest Management Professionals, which will be very helpful in your job search after graduation.

    If you are looking to study in a different province, there are many other university and college forestry programs that you could apply to.

    I hope this has been helpful, and please let us know if you have any additional questions we can help with!

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