The forest industry has a long-standing history in Alberta. Many of the companies that were managing the landbase generations ago are still operating on that same land today.

With many of these companies standing the test of time, and often operating out of smaller communities, there are many families who also have a long history within the industry. In some cases, several members of the same family work their entire career within the forest sector; all in various roles across the mill, office, and woodlands.

The Alberta Forest Products Association wanted to highlight these families and share their stories. Their video series #ForestryFamilies will include five videos, each released in the coming month, sharing the story of five families across the province.

Some videos will showcase family-owned businesses like Vanderwell Contractors and Yellowhead Wood Products. Others will highlight families like the Rollins who have had multiple members work in various roles across companies in Alberta.

The commitment of all these families to their communities and to the health of the forest is a big part of what makes Alberta’s forest industry sustainable. Be sure to catch each video as it is released by following the Alberta Forest Products on Facebook and Twitter

Watch the first in the series here:

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