Video Blog: Forestry Futures Alliance

Three programs (CAREERS: The Next Generation, Inside Education, and Work Wild) have formally partnered up to inform Alberta’s youth, teachers, and job-seekers about sustainable forest management and careers in the forest sector. Learn more about what we’re doing here:

New Member of the Team!

Hello to all the members of the Work Wild community, my name is Emma Kniel and I am excited to say I am the newest member of the Work Wild team. As I hope to meet many of you out and around our beautiful province I thought it appropriate to introduce myself.   Growing up … Continued

Forestry: Sustainable Innovation

Did you know that 60% of Alberta is covered in forest? Forestry is one of the largest resource industries in Alberta, and there is some really exciting innovation occurring in this sustainable sector.   Forests provide us with a renewable resource that can be used in many ways. Because trees are renewable, we are able to … Continued

Reforestation: What happens after the harvest?

After trees are harvested, what really happens? Do forests grow back naturally? Is everything seeded? What responsibilities does the forest industry have? First things first, less than 1% of Alberta’s forested area is harvested per year.  While this may not seem like a lot, it translates to roughly 23 million cubic metres of deciduous and … Continued

Student Profile: Kaylee Townsend

Kaylee is a dog-loving Grade 10 student who may not know what she wants to do when she’s done high school, but she is taking the steps to prepare herself for a rewarding career. I met Kaylee after finding out she was taking a week off high school classes to attend lumber grading school with her grandmother–part … Continued

Forestry Job Profile: Operations Supervisor

Managing forests sustainably is a complex process requiring many skilled and knowledgeable people. There are planning foresters who consult with wildlife biologists and hydrologists to ensure all environmental factors are considered when making short and long term forest management plans. There are silviculture foresters who ensure that all harvested areas are regenerated withing two years. … Continued

Mountain Pine Beetle and Alberta’s Forests

Forecast for the 2016-17 winter season? Colder than usual, at least according to the Farmer’s Almanac. While this may fill weathered Albertans with dread, it could be good news for the mountain pine beetles that are spreading across the province at an alarming rate. Anyone who spends time driving through the boreal forest or mountain … Continued

Six Jobs That Transfer To The Forest Sector

Alberta’s job market has seen significant changes in the past two years. Many companies have halted hiring, and those that are still hiring are filling positions quickly with access to an eager pool of job-seekers. Fortunately for those seeking work, the forest sector currently employs 15,000 Albertans and continues to post new positions regularly. Below is a list … Continued

Forests, and travel, and nature! Who am I?

Greetings to the Work Wild community! My name is Caitlin and I am the newest member of the amazing Work Wild team!  As I hope to be with you for a while, I thought it important to introduce just a little bit about who I am and how I ended up here. I’ve always had … Continued

So You Want To Help With The Wildfires?

We are in the midst of a fierce wildfire season and I have been receiving emails from people wondering how they can help out. I figure it’s the perfect time to highlight some of the job opportunities in wildfire management. Wildland Firefighter Description: Fighting forest fires is a demanding but rewarding experience requiring people committed to teamwork, safety, … Continued

From Tree to House

What did it take to build this house? For starters, an architect had to design it. It also required a lot of wood. Not all houses look this woody from the outside, but most are built with a wood frame. Getting wood to build a house isn’t as simple as taking a trip to Home Depot and picking … Continued

Prairie Wood Design Awards 2016: Ann’s Picks

The winners of the 2016 Prairie Wood Design Awards will be announced this month, so in preparation I have reviewed the nominees and selected my favourite project in each of the categories. Category: Recreational Building: Borden Park Pavilion Location: Edmonton Designer: gh3 Photography: Raymond Chow This has got to be one of the coolest buildings I’ve ever seen. It is … Continued

Prairie Wood Design Awards 2016: Andre’s Picks

The 2016 Prairie Wood Design Awards are coming soon. As a prelude to the jury’s official selection, here are some of my favorite submissions: Category: Residential Building: Wood Buffalo Way Location: Ft. McMurray Designer: Mira Timber Frame Photography: Real Pics This newly built dwelling has the feeling of a historic house. The entrance way is a massive 8 foot wooden … Continued

Forestry Job Profile: Wildfire Dispatcher

What is the first job that comes to mind when you think of wildfire? If you’re like most people, an image of a wildland fire firefighter hauling a water hose through the forest comes to mind. Wildfire management is so much more than that. There is a whole team of people working together to prevent and … Continued

Not Just a Tree

What’s the value of a renewable resource? Well, if the resource is managed in a sustainable manner, a renewable resource is incredibly valuable. Simply imagining future potential in relation to historical context can demonstrate this statement nicely. Let’s transport ourselves through time, hundreds of years in the past. Better, let’s travel thousands of years in … Continued

Forestry Job Profile: Lookout Observer

Are you looking for a summer job experience that is completely out of the ordinary? Wildfire Lookout Observers spend their summers in Alberta’s remote natural areas tracking changes in weather and reporting wildfire. In this forestry job profile, Michelle Wartenberg shares the joys and challenges she has faced as a Wildfire Lookout Observer. Tell me … Continued

Pests, Pathogens and Invasive Species

In the normal course of a functioning ecosystem, plants, insects, and diseases all play a part in a harmonious and healthy cycle. But what happens when one population or species becomes unnaturally pervasive? A rapidly growing or dominating species can become a real problem resulting in ecosystem degradation and even species extinction. Typically, the most … Continued

Five Jobs For Active People

An office job in a skyscraper might appeal to some people, but others would prefer a job that doesn’t require prolonged desk-sitting. Many articles, including this one from Harvard University, outline the negative health effects of prolonged sitting. Having a job that allows you to be active while working will help you to avoid the downsides of sitting. If you want to … Continued

Six Ways to Work in the Forest Next Summer

If you plan to find a job this summer and you love to be outside (particularly in the forest), you have come to the right place. Alberta offers forestry positions for high school students, college and university students, and graduates. Some of these positions are already open for application, so now is the time to start your … Continued

Green Happiness

Isn’t it interesting how we can feel better just by walking around in a park or going for a nature hike? Some studies are demonstrating that being close to trees can improve our mental and physical well-being. Green Happiness A study published this year out of Stanford University showed improved happiness and attentiveness after participants … Continued